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Healing grief and trauma through communication between the living and "the dead"

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Induced After-Death Communication

A new therapy for healing grief and trauma


My Personal and Historical Perspectives on IADC

Hania Stromberg, MA, MSW, LISW

For almost three decades, I have been helping people to heal the pain of grief, bereavement, and the trauma of tragic death.

I am maintaining this web site in order to continue supporting persons struggling with grief. I wish to contribute to the dissemination of the information about the Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) therapy, a profound and quick method for healing grief. Due to my own health problems, in September 2006, I discontinued my psychotherapy practice, including my active role as a facilitator of the IADC treatments.

The text that follows remains in the present tense, and reflects back to the time when I was providing the IADC therapy. (To find about my more recent work check The more intimate accounts of my experiences with the IADC phenomena, and with "the dead" in the IADC context, are presented in the last section of the last page of the web site, under the heading "What Hania Experiences While Facilitating IADC."  Other persons' direct experiences with the IADC and "the dead" interweave (in a lighter type of font than the rest) with the more practical and scientific parts of the discussion about IADC throughtout the text of this web site.